What’s Up, Bull Pup?


This blog’s namesake, The Bull Pup, began as a publication for incoming freshmen at Howard College.  The pocket-sized volume contained the college’s student constitution, Howard yells for football games, the academic calendar, and lists of Dos and Don’ts for freshmen.  Originally published by Howard’s Y.M.C.A, the editors intended for The Bull Pup to aid freshmen in adjusting to the “traditions, ideals, requirements, and duties of student life at Old Howard.”

The Bull Pup proved to be a lifesaver for many freshmen as they navigated the rough waters of life as a “rat.”  For example:


  1. Speak in a not overly familiar tone to all upper classmen and all co-eds, using the title “Miss” when addressing the later.
  2. Introduce themselves as “Rat Who-ever I Am” to all students, both men and women, without being asked to do so.
  3. Have rat caps in Howard colors, blue and crimson, by noon September 24 and must wear them at all Howard athletic contests.
  4. Carry at all times their copy of the Howard Bullpup.
  5. Recite from memory at the request of any upper classmen all yells to be found in this book, and the Alma Mater, both by noon September 24.

. . .


  1. Fail to know the last names of all dormitory men within one week after their arrival at Howard, subject to examination and proper punishment by the various upper classmen.
  2. Cut laboratory or chapel, literary society or “Y” meetings.
  3. Go bareheaded on campus, preferably wearing rat caps.
  4. Sit on the benches about the campus or the steps at the Academic and Montague halls.
  5. Use the dormitory telephone more than five minutes at one call at any time, and never over two minutes between 6:30 and 9:30 o’clock in the evening.

. . .

Just as the original Bull Pup served as an introduction to life at Howard, we are excited to use this blog to introduce you to some of the fascinating things we are uncovering about Howard’s history.  We will post new entries weekly throughout the school year, so subscribe to receive email notifications, or check back every week!

Adapted from The Bull Pup, 1923-1924 and Toward of History of Samford University, by James F. Sulzby Jr.



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