Help S.T.O.R.I. Make Waves

13268565_1718279398452939_2040988011385796665_oEver wondered how you could help us in our mission to save and share history? Today is the day!  During the next 36 hours, we aim to raise $5500 for our Big Give project.  You can help STORI bring history to life for future generations by donating funds to help us buy more recorders and new video equipment to further our mission in documenting personal history.  Stories turn history into shared experiences. They remind us of where we come from and where we need to go. STORI has helped dozens of students interview and record oral histories about everything from the Cold War to local history in East Lake and Marion. Putting more equipment into students’ hands not only expedites the interview process for the individual but also increases the history archived for future generations.

What will my gift do? Your gift will fund Samford’s initiative to record and preserve oral histories for the university and the wider public. Preserving and sharing the shared history of our institution, as well as the larger community Samford’s serves, is integral to the university’s mission.

Who will my gift impact? This initiative will serve not only Samford, but the local community and the state at large by preserving our shared history.

Be a part of the STORI today!  DONATE HERE

Make sure you are following STORI on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn about Big Give challenges and project updates!


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