Tuning In: Sam.wav History Uncompressed

The cover art for our new podcast, "Sam.wav: History Uncompressed".

As anyone who has spent time on our website can tell you, the S.T.O.R.I. office loves collecting stories. Whether we are investigating the best way to make river-cane baskets or exploring the local history of Howard College’s old campuses, we are always looking for the next adventure across the state or within our city to further understand our community.

However, the purpose of the office is to share stories, not simply to collect them. We have been exploring different avenues for spreading the content of our archives worldwide. So far, we have published full interviews with transcripts on our website and shared snippets on social media. Full interviews can be daunting to listen to, however, and small clips can only convey one part of a story, leaving most people either increasingly overwhelmed or frustratingly curious.

With this in mind, we have started Sam.wav: History Uncompressed, a podcast aimed at sharing our various oral history projects in an audio and episodic format. Because of their accessibility and variable length, podcasts provide the perfect opportunity to combine and share narratives among as many people as possible. Each episode will feature a project or subject from our archives, covering everything from individual experiences of immigration in Birmingham to local history to Samford’s own past. Our aim is to share student research projects, displaying the process of oral history as well as the knowledge gained.

This podcast has been a year in the making, growing and shifting into a project of its own right, but now it is finally here with the release of our teaser and our pilot episode. This episode introduces Sam.wav as well as Samford, reflecting on the school’s past and values. We had a lot of help making this podcast, from the inspiration of other oral history podcasts to the lending of equipment and time from other Samford offices and faculty, and we’d like to thank them for all their help.

To find the episode, you can visit our Soundcloud account here. It is also available on Apple Podcasts and Google Play for download. We’re excited to see where this podcast takes us, and we cannot wait to get more episodes out for you in the coming months. Stay tuned for more, and make waves!


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