The Bull Pup is a project of the Office of University Historian at Samford University aimed at encouraging wider understanding and engagement with Samford’s past from both our family and the broader community. An appreciation for the university’s story necessitates awareness of the many places (Marion, East Lake, Homewood) and people (presidents, faculty, staff, and students) that paved the way to the present. On these pages we will highlight some stories and events of our 170+ year history to reveal a fuller portrait of our university. Topics will range from explaining traditions and aspects of student life through the years to profiling alumni and faculty to showcasing campus landmarks.



Our blog is a work of academic scholarship, and the authors promise to uphold the high standards of the history discipline. The information behind these posts is culled from archive sources, oral history interviews, and outside texts. Since it is a more informal forum, the blog will not aggressively follow a citation format, but information about the sources for the posts will be made readily available.


A note about the naming convention for this blog needs to be made at the outset. Samford University was founded as Howard College in Marion, Alabama, in 1841, and the school maintained the Howard name until 1965, when it attained university status (Samford’s Howard College of Arts & Sciences pays homage to this original name). In order to give an adequate sense of historical place and time, this blog will refer to the school by the name it was known as at the time (i.e. 1887-“Howard”; 1987-“Samford”).



Please comment and engage in Samford’s past by sharing your recollections and thoughts.


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  1. Hi guys,

    In doing some family research, I’ve been trying to track my lineage back as far as possible. In doing this I’ve begun researching the history of Howard University and it’s alumni. I currently possess a 1903 Howard College graduating class photo (my great grandfather was in this class). I’m not sure that you guys have any information that could further what I’m looking for, but this picture is really cool and I think it’s at least relatively significant in the history of Howard/Samford. I’d love to get y’all a copy so you could have it for your records and possibly learn more about the young men who were in the class of 1903.


    Major Akins

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